Bodan Slobodan Sekulovic


Pictures from the Twilight Zone


  • Spirit Journey
    with the Hopi People


    Film by Slobodan Sekulovic & Almir Loncaric

    In American Southwest, in Arizona, there is a tribe called the Hopi (People of Peace). This is by far the most private and enigmatic tribe, the origin of which is still the matter of the scientific debate. Unlike any other group in North, Central and South America they have maintained their secret ceremonies and rituals as they have always been from time immemorial. But it is the Hopi prophecy which, unlike any other, has captured imagination of many people, including the scientists (climatologists for instance). Underpinned with it, this documentary blends new and ancient knowledge in order to demonstrate that the rational system of the rational indifference is what characterizes the present status of humanity. But it also makes one step beyond it underscoring that all trends of humanity have one point of convergence: neither local, nor regional, but the global pain and suffering.

    This film was the official selection of Hot Springs (Arkansas, USA) Documentary Film Festival, 2010. Prior that, in October 2008, an unedited version was shown to selected members of different tribes on a private screening in Tempe, Arizona. That month and year are regarded as the start of all-out, full-scale economic meltdown in USA.

  • Spirit Journey
    with the Native Americans


    Documentary film by Slobodan Sekulovic & Almir Loncaric, 2008

    Synopsis: A senior woman comes to the USA from the country ravaged by the war. Her lifetime desire to meet the Native Americans is accomplished. Through prayers, dances, and the traditional music her son guides her to the point of joint understanding: the sole and supreme use of suffering is to purify, to burn out all that is useless and impure.


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