Bodan Slobodan Sekulovic


Pictures from the Twilight Zone

Play written by Slobodan Bodan Sekulovic

Stage performance pending


In spite of many fine accomplishments, humanity became more disoriented in the 20th century than ever before in its long history! Now it looks as if the 21st century is about to take the lead in that respect!

This is happening because humanity has never possessed “awakeness”! Human history is like an encyclopedia, a catalogue of the corrupt humans’ guilty consciousness who helplessly watch the life forces dissolve. All we do in the times of uncertainty is to reaffirm old certainties, short of the potential to resolve the most contentious problems in humanity, without antagonism. So, where do we find authority to make moral decisions? Well, the dead know more than the living! Find out, in the Pictures From The Twilight Zone what the ghostly apparitions have to say to humans.



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