Bodan Slobodan Sekulovic


Science fantastic spirit fantastic; how do we know what we know if we know?

by Slobodan Sekulovic

This workshop is designed for those who already have or are about to embrace the pathways (I) To Him that Knocks Shall be Opened and He That Seeks Finds.

The author gratefully acknowledges that motivation and some ideas for the workshop came from his late teacher Renee Lofflin.

Part I.

  1. Forms of Thought (Laws of Thought), Statements, Compound Statements, Compound Statement formulas; Laws of thought with special emphasis to “The Law of Cause and Effect”, “The Law of Detachment” and “The Law of Negation of the Consequence”.

    1. Example, A Priest and the Stigmata
    2. Example, Which came first: the hen or the egg?
    3. Example, The advent of Kurt Godel's proof compelled mathematicians to rethink the paradigm!
  2. Numbers: How much is zero divided by zero?; Limit process; Irrational numbers so illusive that we have to approximate reality.

  3. What does infinity mean in every-day life from the perspective of “The Law of Cause and Effect”?; Countable infinity; How do we know that there is a non-countable infinity?

  4. Illusion: Man made illusion vs. supreme illusion.

  5. VEDAS have identified the culprit: Man and fear; Yoga helps to some extent to solve the contradiction between two systems; Erroneous self-representation; Globalization; History.

  6. Journey to your most inner self: Sensitize your self in all four directions; A footage from the Shaman's prayer.

Part II.

  1. Undermining Individual Self in Favor of Innermost Self:

    1. Intuition - Thoughts - Feelings - Will;
    2. Objective (Outer) Conscious Mind vs. Subjective (Inner) Subconscious Mind.
  2. Love vs. Wisdom:

    1. Pros & Cons (Essene Brotherhood, Erich Fromm, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Native Americans, Tolstoy);
    2. Conclusion.
  3. Intuition - Inspiration

    1. The Mystery Which Goes Beyond Tangible Horizon!
    2. To What do We Attribute Intuition (Examples)?
    3. Can Intuition be Cultivated?

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